When you are involved in a commercial truck accident in Denver, you need to know about the Personal Injury Law Firm of Colorado, an experienced Denver truck accident lawyer group, with years of experience in eighteen-wheeler cases and personal injury settlement in Denver.

When 80,000 pounds of steel, traveling at highway speeds crashes into your car, you need the best Denver injury lawyer on your side.

Many laws and safety regulations have been written to protect the public from eighteen wheelers, because they can be so dangerous. Semi-trucks and trailers are supposed to pass rigorous inspections and the drivers are supposed to be well-trained, with limits on how long they can drive without sleep.

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Yet many times when a tractor-trailer is involved in a truck accident in Denver, an inspection uncovers problems with the rig, like worn-out brakes or brakes out of adjustment. The truck drivers involved in accidents are often found to be under rested and in violation of safety regulations. That is when our years of experience as a Denver personal injury law firm can make a real difference to your case.

Denver Truck (Work and Personal) Accident Attorney

Any Denver injury lawyer will tell you that trucking companies are sometimes pressed to find good drivers, so they put dangerous drivers behind the wheels. Other times the companies put scheduling demands on drivers that cannot be met without violating laws that limit the number of hours a driver can be on duty.

And sometimes trucking companies have been known to do the unthinkable, put a dangerous driver in a truck that can’t pass inspection and demand that the driver drive for more hours than allowed. A Denver accident lawyer can help you seek a personal injury settlement in cases like this.

When you or your family member is hurt or killed in a truck accident in Denver, a thorough investigation can uncover the facts. The eighteen wheeler will need to be inspected, which means that you will need a Denver injury lawyer to obtain an immediate restraining order from a court.

An experienced Denver accident lawyer, like those at the Personal Injury Law Firm of Colorado, will also know how to secure the truck and trailer, by restraining order if necessary, as well as how to hire the necessary experts to fully evaluate your case.

Remember, when you need a Denver truck accident lawyer, call the Personal Injury Law Firm of Colorado. You can consult with a Denver accident lawyer who will immediately start working for you.